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Bosch fuel cell system at E-world

Experience the future of sustainable energy supply!

May 23 - 25, 2023
Essen, Germany
Section of a hydrogen ecosystem with SOFC.

The energy transition is one of the major challenges of our time. Its success determines our future. A first important step is energy generation using photovoltaic and wind power plants. But what happens when it is dark and there is no wind?

This is what makes our hydrogen and fuel cell technology a true game changer: Hydrogen as a storage medium for renewable energies, the Bosch SOFC fuel cell system for reliable, efficient, and climate-neutral generation of electricity and heat — enabling secure and grid-independent supply.

Visit us in exhibition hall 3, booth 424.

Generate energy with ease – Our plug & play 100 kW SOFC system

100-kW SOFC system

Modular, scalable, and ready to operate

The centerpiece of our SOFC systems is a unit with a fuel cell stack comprising hundreds of series-connected cells, where electricity and heat are generated in a highly efficient manner. "SOFC" stands for solid oxide fuel cell. To minimize the planning and installation effort of our customers, we combine several of these SOFC units and all relevant auxiliary systems to create a plug-&-play system with an output of 100 kW.

Bosch SOFC system with open unit

The performance is convincing

No matter whether it is about covering the power requirements of an edge data center or the average annual electricity consumption of the residents of an entire residential area — no problem for the SOFC system. Depending on the requirements and the energy demand, even several of these systems can be scaled up to create a decentralized energy supply system in the megawatt range.

Our Bosch SOFC system as the answer to your questions

You want to know how to optimally combine sustainable technologies so that you never run out of energy? Or whether there is an all-round energy supply system that not only thinks for itself, but thinks ahead? You can learn more about the Bosch SOFC system by attending the following presentations held daily during E-world.

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