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Milestones on the road to series production

Our current SOFC pilot projects

Bosch SOFC is gathering practical experience of using fuel cells as a decentralized, highly efficient and low-emission power generation solution at various locations. The pilot projects are delivering valuable insights ahead of series production.

Two people checking the Bosch SOFC system
SOFC container Wernau with people

Decentralized and ready for use

The SOFC container in Wernau started operations in November 2021. The pilot system is trying out a decentralized, turnkey solution for power generation. The ten SOFC units that have been installed cover 20 percent of the base load requirements for the Bosch plant in Wernau. The container integrates all the essential auxiliary installations and systems.

SOFC in Salzgitter with people

Hydrogen-based and self-sufficient in terms of energy

The Bosch plant in Salzgitter has integrated ten SOFC fuel cell units into its energy supply system. They are part of the Hydrogen Campus project, which involves testing the integration of hydrogen technology into the existing supply infrastructure. Running on hydrogen, the SOFC fuel cells will make the location more climate-neutral and more self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Julian Schatz from Bosch and Anne-Katrin Brehm from Deutsche Bank in front of an SOFC fuel cell

Flexible and cost-effective

At the Salzgitter Hydrogen Campus, a pilot project is running with our SOFC as a service. Three contractual partners are involved in this practical test of how SOFC fuel cells might be provided to users at lower cost in the future. The innovative model is based on the principle that users pay service charges rather than purchasing the system.

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